October 13, 2010

Play Group Pals

This was my first time hosting the neighborhood play group. There's a few of us that all have the exact same age kids (give or take a month). I was highly unprepared for the day. The art project I planned lasted about five seconds. So I busted out the camera and let them play whatever while I took pictures.

Nearly three is kinda funny. They sometimes play alone, then together, wander around, stare, fight (not sharing) , cry, wander some more, play some more, laugh with each other. And then it's time for their mom's to come pick them up.

Remember back in the day when we all used to include the film edges in our cropping?
Those were good times.

side note: notice some random flaws in the negs?
That would be because a sippy cup leaked in my purse. The same purse with the film.Oops!

I've mentioned my obsession with curls. He's got them.
And he calls me and the other mom, MOM. It's totally cute.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. Sooo, sooo, sooo, cute. I love all the photos youve posted from this post and the last one. Kids are seriously the best subjects. Im diggin the fish jacket too! ?I may have to find one of those for Josh.

  2. Work the magic with those 3 year olds! And I have to know where you got L's skirt! Or just send me one for each of my girls!!

  3. Lydia, that skirt is from Target! I'll see what I can do.

  4. okay, those are the greatest photos ever!!! i absolutely love the first one (and, obviously, all three of King). I love that you took pics of them! three adorable kiddos we have!