October 20, 2010

What to wear {Wedding Weekend}

One month until we leave for Boston.

I bought this sequin cardy for the actual wedding.
I'll be wearing with a full black skirt. (I think)
It's really pretty.

P.S. the shoes didn't work out. They were really snug (narrow). I thought about going el cheapo with some basic black heels (something I needed anyway). But I got a dose of reality when I wore them to church and they started hurting...granted I was holding baby M (added foot pressure) the entire time. Jeff always warns me about cheap shoes, but I just can't stomach the spendy ones. Things are coming together quite nicely though. Except for the shoes.


  1. I admit that I don't ever buy cheap shoes. I do buy nice shoes on sale though. I find that cheap shoes aren't as comfy and it might be a mental thing, but I seem to fall out of love with them faster.

    I just ordered some sandals on sale at J.Crew that are coming today. They started at $215 but I waited for them to go to sale and with the 30% off final sale I got them for $83. Buying shoes that like works for me.

  2. I don't think it's mental. Cheap shoes are not comfy. :)