November 23, 2010

Back in the saddle

I can usually look on the bright side of life. Even in the middle of stress or whatever is going on (see my Good Reports), but I'm feeling deeply disappointed today about some things and can't shake it off.

Time to make my bed, snap a few photos (maybe of the freshly fallen snow), snuggle the girls, cry on Jeff's shoulder, clean the house (oh yeah, I'm so down with cleaning as therapy), listen to very loud, very good music.

What do you do to shake it off?

P.S. The wedding was sweet and loving, full of tender feelings. The bride...beautiful.
P.P.S. I'm hibernating this week. Photos from our trip....uh, I'm not making any promises.


  1. I like to clean to when I'm stressed (if time allows). Looking at a clean house helps just about every situation. Otherwise I listen to loud music too and do something different and unusual.

  2. Aw Les, I know how you feel. Shake it off? Sometimes I do wallow a bit, then I listen to loud music and do what I can. You're super-mom! You can food, sew like a pro, you ARE a pro at photography. You rock!

  3. I sew and clean and run as stress relievers. And listen to loud music while doing all of them.

    Tomorrow is a new day, a lovely Turkey-eating day!! :)

  4. Seeing as how I've lived in a constant state of stress for the past year I've tried to learn to embrace it. Sort of. You know, accept the things I can't change. I find that a good book and a really big piece of chocolate help too.

  5. a long run by myself! p.s. it's normal to feel the way you are.