November 02, 2010

The Christmas card of my dreams

but they are all waaaaaaaay too expensive.
tiny prints is more reasonable.


  1. you must post about your boots after you get them. i may have let you do the shopping around for me, if you like them... :)

  2. I love them! You should just let me make you one just like one of those on photoshop. I can do it, you know. They wouldn't be exactly like it, but close enough. And cheaper!

  3. If you belong to Costco you can upload your own design for free and have it printed as a 6x7.5 card. It only takes one stamp they say. Just look under "more holiday designs" or something like that and scroll to the bottom. That green one would be easy to do. We designed our own this year and are doing that.

    -Robin B. (Matt and Em's friend)