November 14, 2010

The Good Report

1. Sister's birthday present arrived just in time.
2. Even though we are MORE (worse) sick this week, everyone is still sleeping.
3. Pediatrician was able to see all of us at once...including me. Thus, avoiding separate appointments and lots of driving that I had no energy for.
4. Surprise package from a family friend.
5. Thanks to online video narration L stays totally engaged (and still) with nightly scripture reading.
6. 5PM darkness is totally helping with early bedtime.
7. Got our Thanksgiving turkey (11.5 lbs) for $4 thanks to vouchers at local grocery store.
8. Entered M into a cutest baby contest on I want that $1000. (But I won't hold my breath).

I've always wanted a modern address label. Finally found some good ones. I'm ordering these.
Still want a teepee in the basement.
cool kid catalog. page 32 is my fave.
I'll visit Utah's nature if I can stay here.
A better look at JCrew Spring


  1. I love your lovely lists, Leslie! Always inspirational. We have such good weather here, I've thought about building a tree-less treehouse! With a teepee underneath. 78F today and bee-utiful!

  2. so that place to stay is near page... my cousin's hubby was one of the project managers there... it's probably 20 minutes from page. just sayin' maybe that bike ride to the desert could happen and then i could be there too.