November 28, 2010

The Good Report


1. These boots did not fail me. So comfortable even when walking, walking, walking. I wore them every day.
2. Sitting next to her on the plane made for interesting conversation and a seemingly short flight.
3. And now I'm considering yoga for my "i'm feeling old"/hunchback problem.
4. Temple weddings always make me feel deeply tender towards my own little fam. So does a four day absence.
5. Started The Intentional Family on the plane.
6. Best chips and salsa. Ever.
8. A deelish tower of salad technique I'd like to try at home.
9. My order from JCrew Factory arrived while we were gone. Everything fits and I love it all. (Which is good since it cannot be returned).
10. My sister totally took care of business (as usual). And calmed my aching heart. And listened to my distressed sobs from the airport. M was pretty sick when we left.
11. My pediatrician totally took care of business too. He's the best.
12. Jeffy surprised me with a magazine after a particularly funky day
13. And did the grocery shopping even after his long day at work.
14. Mid week brought a very unexpected piece of mail. Let's just say that I BELIEVE (big time).
15. I started decorating for Christmas.
16. Scored Swanson's chicken broth for 39 cents a can. I use that stuff all the time.

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  1. i love the book the intentional family... enjoy! i need to re-read it!