November 09, 2010

If only...

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm going to grow my hair out long. And it will look full and lovely. And then I'm smacked back to reality.
see it HERE


  1. I think the same thing sometimes! But every time I see a picture of me with semi-long hair, I gasp and promise myself I'll never be so blind again, LOL.

    A friend of mine has awesome extensions. Pricey, but if you get them done right they would be pretty. I've considered it. BUT...

  2. I'm growing mine out right now (because now everyone has the short A-line hair cut I used to have) and it is driving me CRAZY.

  3. um, gorgeous!! i do the same thing with my hair, but i'm with megan on this one, my hair is hideous long! love that color too.