November 05, 2010

Prepare yourself for cuteness you can't even handle

Mr. Curls likes his beverages....

...and his fruit snacks

OK, I might be obsessed with the curls and his cuteness and how he always chooses to chill in this spot during play group. I never paid attention to the light right here until he started making it his. (kitchen counter) but it's nice. Really nice.

P.S. And I promise not to post photos of the play group kids ALL THE TIME. Just sometimes.

another P.S. I'll be photographing him again this weekend. Prepare yourself for family pictures you cannot. even. handle.



  1. oh so cute. really. that last one is the cutest ever. course he is my mr. curls so i am a little biased. i hate that he will be still for you but runs when i try to photograph him. but i love that you are taking pics of him. can't wait for tomorrow!! woot woot!!

  2. This kid's cuteness is ridiculous. Send me an email will you so I can have your email address will you?