December 09, 2010

Little house of horrors

Yesterday, my lab called and said their film scanner crashed. Translation: can't post photos to my bloggity blog without a digital copy. Oh the horror! Even worse... they will not be repairing it any time soon. Not that I'm shocked since I'm one of two people who processes film there and this is like THE busiest time of year for photo labs. Film folks are understandably not a priority. But man oh man!

Looks like I will have to take my film to another (more expensive, and not really my fave) lab for a while. Bummer, bummer, bummer. Excuse me while I cry on my pillow.
{And no I will not be switching to digital. Can't do it. Film is just too pretty straight out of the camera}.

In other bummer news....the hubs and I have some sort of flu. And I cannot figure out why we catch everything on the planet. We have been sick so many times this year. It's like a horror show at our house. G for gross!

P.S. Film snobs of the world unite!


  1. Sorry about the scanner. That is a bummer to have happen around Christmas! We are so with you on the sick front. Im so sick of sick kids! Josh had the flu over Thanksgiving. Abby got it a few days later, I got it a few days after that, then Josh caught some crazy cough. This has been our story since August. Lets move to somewhere warmer.

  2. i hate when the scanner/printer gets retarded. Your stuff always turns out the best of the film that comes in. super bummer.

    ps i'm in the lab a few times a week for the christmas rush. I hope you come in when i'm there sometime :)