December 05, 2010

The Good Report

1. Started whitening my teeth again. (It's been three years...due to babies).
2. Got those Christmas cards printed.
3. And finished the house decorating. I didn't remember it being so much work last year. I pooped out and let it go. My dreams are always bigger than the execution.
4. Finished quilting a quilt I started much earlier in the year. And used my own sewing machine (who knew that one would work out?)
Thanks to this tip from my sister (no more borrowing) I'll be pumping some out come January.
5. Made fab french dips with these potatoes. Ultimate comfort food.
6. Got a lot of Christmas shopping done. It's so much easier without the kiddos.


  1. Yum... that recipe for French Dip is Tyler's favorite (and mine too 'cause they're so darn easy yet taste fabulous). I love all their recipes!

    I wanna see some pictures of that new quilt!

  2. I received one of the lovely Christmas cards - thank you! Love the metallic!

  3. i'm curious to what your sister's tip is? i have such trouble quilting on my machine so i ALWAYS take my quilts in to a quilter

  4. Ha ha, me too! What is your sister's tip?

    I love your blog- you inspire me to do more. Home, quilting, parenting, and I love how honest you are too. You sound like you are in my head sometimes. In a funny, good way.