December 12, 2010

The Good Report

1. I heard a rumor and it's true.....Headed to a sweet new lab tomorrow to have my trip film scanned.
Will there actually be pics later this week? It's very possible.
2. Kind of been enjoying the internet silence and hermit lifestyle we've been living the past couple of weeks. Nesting has been nice.
3. Finished that quilt. Been using it all week.
4. Now I really have a lot to do.....
5. The hubs is feeling better.
6. I'm not yet.
7. L turned 3.
8. The hubs was totally chill when L threw up at dinner last night in a public resaurant. I wasn't there. I don't think I would have been as chill.
9. DO NOT come over to our house. It's bad.
10. I want to feel better.
11. And do all the Birthday and Christmas-y things we had planned for the weekend.

aw, well....

I've seen hundreds, but I actually want to do this advent calendar for next year.
Gingerbread party invites
Ina's Cheddar corn chowder sounds deelish. This one was a bomb (so much garlic I couldn't even eat it. And I love garlic. It has major potential if you drastically reduce the garlic. To their cloves were gigantic).
West Elm FREE printable Christmas tags and recipe cards. Oh yes! These are good ones.

P. S. Bloom is featuring our house tour tomorrow morning. Before you feel like crappity-crap like I do when I see other people's houses just remember I can take a decent photo of our very awkward space.
Also, I spent some time on their blog and it is a gold mine for mothers.


  1. I've made the cheddar corn chowder and it is very good.

    hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Love the house tour! I hope you're feeling better soon. The only thing worse than sick kids is a sick mom and/or dad. Happy Birthday to L!