December 26, 2010

The Good Report

1. Lots of snow early in the week left me feeling totally festive.
2. Even spent some time playing outside in it with the girls.
3. A rebate check I've been waiting on arrived in the mail.
4. This doll house left me speechless.
5. More killer quilts (links) from my sister. Argyle this week! here and here.
6. Canned 34 pints of refried beans. Finally. That's been on my to do since August.
7. I love canning in the winter. I pop open all the windows and get to it.
8. The hubs scored the best Christmas gift for the girls. A metal toy shopping cart for HALF OFF. I've been wanting one of those.
9. I finally figured out how to fix my comment moderation.
10. The hubs got off early on Christmas Eve.
11. and will have New Year's Eve off too!
12. Chatting into the wee hours (2 AM) with my sister while everyone else slept.
13. I love that the girls will fall asleep at her house.
14. And my sister helped M fall asleep.
15. The hubs scored me some sweet surprises during his eleventh hour shopping.
16. I need to grow some fresh basil. (see recipes below)

Homemade fish sticks were fantastic. The hubs loved them. He favored the herb dipping sauce that came with the recipe. While I went old school and mixed up a little ketchup/mayo from my childhood. It's all about the Panko. First time I've cooked with it and it makes all the difference. Regular bread crumbs will not do folks. Also, I substituted tilapia for flounder because that's what I had.

And I finally got around to making that rice pudding I've mentioned before. There are no words. It's rich. Decadent. Deelish. Run to your kitchen and whip yourself up a batch. Actually there's no whipping. It's a slower than slow process, but totally worth it.
**Just so you know the thickening didn't start to make any progress until after the 45 minute mark. And it got real good around 54 minutes. Don't be really is slower than slow peeps.

And our Christmas day appetizers were a hit:
Jalapeno Popper dip. Loved. we ate ours with French bread. Super Easy.
Bruschetta. I could eat this all day. My only tip would be to wait to add the red onion until you are ready to eat also (you do this with the fresh basil). Red onion is strong when it sits around.

all this = Christmas coma
I need some veggies and fruit to detox.

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  1. The panko fish sticks is a favorite at our house, too. Panko is a must.

    Merry Christmas! (belatedly)