December 18, 2010

MFA Boston

While in Boston we visited the MFA. THE BEST surprise ever...a very large Richard Avedon Exhibit! Ahhhhhh!!! Sweet mother. His fashion.....well, it's true love for me. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Seeing SO MANY of my favorites (like this and this) was fantastic. If I lived in a large city I would be cruising the museums once a month. All at once though is massive sensory overload. No joke. I left with a headache.

(more of my thoughts on the Avedon exhibit later...that needs to be a whole post)

P.S. I never photograph in existing indoor light. It terrifies me. Admittedly, I made some exposure mistakes. Like this last image. Not exactly the drama I was going for. And then.... I didn't make some mistakes too.

I WILL step out of my comfort zone.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. These photos are very interesting... Makes me wanna go... And I, personally, really like the lighting in the last one.
    Do you always shoot with a flash indoors?

  2. Miss Haley, I never use flash. Ever. That includes indoor and outdoor.