December 23, 2010

More wedding snaps

I kind of love this set....

so cute.....

Some thoughts.....

I cannot tell you how many times I've thought to myself that I don't take enough photos. (The feeling is heightened for weddings). But I feel that way about our life too. Sometimes I feel pulled in some many visual directions and they all excite me. I've been known to walk away mid conversation when I see something. The hubs is not much of a fan of that move.

I'm telling you there were plenty more shots. Untaken.
Shoulda, coulda, woulda. . . .
{insert photographer's angst. lots of it.}

Also, I'm highly selective when I photograph. I'm not a snap, snap, snap, and then snap some more type. It's a good thing to be discerning. Except when the moment is over and you feel like the visual story is incomplete like I always do. I'm working on: Selective, but thorough.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. The first family shot in this post is my favorite.
    What a darling group!

  2. That lovely lady in the silver shirt is my life long friend Vicki! I saw this and thought, "Wow, she looks like Vicki." and then scrolled down and saw it was Boston and realized it was indeed her! How funny.