January 03, 2011

2011: Be different

not alike in character in quality

This has everything to do with my funk. Normally I don't get into resolutions, but this year I'm embracing the concept whole heartedly. I want a different life.

How I will create a different life:

spend one on one time with L & M each day.
become a social sugar eater. holidays, parties, special occasions.
find a workout video you will do at home
read the books on my night stand
hire Bria when I need some time for myself
only purchase items I truly love and are meaningful
Turn your need for creativity toward food/meals. A girls gotta eat...might as well be lovely.
Set those pretty tables you talked about last year. Because eating that way makes you really happy.
make pizza from scratch here or here
Keep it up with all those new recipes. That also makes you really happy.
Make the everyday things you do special (meals)
Continue to make meal time more peaceful by having everything on the table before you start.
keep working on those friendships & make more time for your very favorites (Holly).
throw a neighborhood block party
Be a better listener to the hubs
This Spring initiate "ladies who lunch" because there are a lot of people you'd like to get to know.
Be a more cheerful mother
Respond right to stressful mothering situations when you are tired. (that's leftover from 2010. made some definite progress though)
Amp up all the holidays and special occassions
Sew those skirts you have in your head and wear them this summer
Budget, budget, budget. Plan for all those things you guys want(ed) to do.
Say no to all the crap you waste money on (ex: $1 bins)
Unplug entirely for one week to see how it feels.

I'm considering the Ground Rules to make a few of my own attainable.
Flashback: want to see 2010 again?

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  1. Oh man, I totally feel you on the list. Saying no to A LOT so that I can have what I *really* want? Yep. That's probably my biggest resolution for this year. It applies to every part of my life right now! LOL. Food, shopping, how I waste er, uh... spend my time, etc.