January 24, 2011

Avedon Teaches {Type A be gone}

Twiggy, by Richard Avedon

That Richard Avedon exhibit at the MFA was BEE-YOU-T-FULL. The biggest impression I had was that so many of his photographs were out of focus. But it didn't matter. They were gorgeous! I shouldn't be surprised. This photo-hero-that-doesn't-have-technically-perfect-images-what-does-this-all-mean-is-it-really-possible moment has happened before. Like the time I saw Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother in real life. B to the blurry! Miss migrant's eyes are totally not sharp. This second time around though it really hit me how much MORE important feeling is. Maybe because I've felt my photographs are lacking. I'm not really getting what I want. And the Avedon exhibit has me thinking I need to let some (Type A/technical) things go to achieve it. (and switch to gear more suitable to spontaneity. but that's another story).

It also left me asking myself: what do I want my photographs to say about our life?
That it is real, and beautiful, and sometimes hard, and sweet.
That our life is ordinary with glimpses of lovely all around.

**For photo geeks: some interesting reads about Migrant Mother

side note: looks like this opened the day after we were at the museum. Bummer.

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  1. was about to book a car to go to boston to see Richard Avedon exhibit when i read it is on loan from the international center here in nyc. now just need to wait for it to come home. thanks for the recommendation!