January 07, 2011

Food goals

Still refining my dreams for the year. So many of them include how and what we eat.
I've always wanted to:

Make pizza (dough) from scratch.
Attempt some Asian recipes. They intimidate me.
Grow my own basil and chives.
Get my knives sharpened so I can cut a tomato with ease. The tomato is the ultimate test.
Try a recipe using puff pastry.
Make my own chicken broth.
Find a homemade chicken noodle soup recipe that rocks. (noodles and all)
Learn how to make creme brulee. The hubs favorite.

So I will do it.
Very soon.


  1. I have a pizza dough recipe that we use, if you'd like to try it! :) And if I remember right, I've hear of doing homemade chicken pot pie using puff pastry..I'll have to research that one. Oh and have you tried your mom's homemade chicken noodle soup??

  2. I'll send you some recipes--haven't you ever made Mom's homemade egg noodles? Easy and so yummy. Where have you been during that meal?

  3. Uh, I've been there for her version. Not my fave.

  4. my pizza dough recipe is fast and lovely. make it by hand, no bread maker for you. its that fab! asian recipes are on my list for the year as well (helps having an asian husband. we've been making some good stuff lately. I can pass things along if you want. I make thai curry (masaman, green, red, yellow) fairly often. Also, sharpening your knives isn't hard (if you have straight blades). Have you tried? Bet you could learn a new skill! Add it to your arsenal of AWESOME.

  5. What type of Asian recipes are you wanting to make? We LOVE Japanese food (and other Asian cuisine).
    I've seen La Fuji Mama's blog mentioned before... she hosts an online group that cooks their way through a Japanese cookbook. The meals always look REALLY good and beautiful. I've been thinking about joining, but haven't gotten around to it yet (maybe now is the time? lol). You can join at any time. Here's a link...


    And, I know you read Our Best Bites. Their BBQ Pizza is awesome. I don't use their dough recipe, but I know friends that do and they love it. Their Asian BBQ Chicken pizza is one of our favorites. And it's 100 times better on the grill.

  6. I have a chicken noodle soup recipe that we love.