January 02, 2011

The Good Report

Poor M is getting her molars and just isn't herself this week. She's having a hard time sleeping and not interested in eating. Not. Herself.

1. M started saying "this" and "yes". SO CUTE. Yep, I can tell the difference between the two.
2. I like this time of year for all the cleaning and purging I want to do. I'd like to get rid of my entire storage closet. Who wants some really cute things I have no need for? Really.
3. I had a much better response to a new church responsibility than expected. It's the one I've never wanted, never will want....nursery.
(Today though, I'm feeling a little bit like are you kidding me? My life is a joke. Can I please just be in Relief Society with other adults while I'm raising babies? I could really go off right now).
Anyhoo, back to the lovely......
4. I'm thrilled that we get to continue to have a Sunday calling which really works for our little family. Thank you for that.
5. Nothing makes me happier than to walk into the girls' room and see them all snuggled up in the blankets I made.
6. I started another quilt for the basement. This one is going to go fast.
7. The girls slept in really late a few times. We're talking 9am!
8. Passed by Ovation's Eating Art while channel surfing. Oh my! Now that's the coolest show. Can I please see more and more.
8. This hard core winter coat the hubs got me for Christmas is coming in handy this week because of frigid temps.
9. Spent some time outside in the snow again with L and the hubs. I'm definitely a winter girl. (see #8)
10. Watched A-Team. Loved it.
11. Finished piecing the quilt I started earlier in the week. Awesome. It's a minimal pattern, but might be my fave so far. And bigger than all the rest.

More comfort food this week with Martha's classic meatloaf and classic mashed potatoes. I used all ground beef (2 lbs) because I don't store veal or pork in my freezer stash. It was a lot of meat loaf. Way too much. That amount easily makes two loaves so I froze half of the mixture. The leftovers would make a great burger and/or sandwich piled high with tomato, lettuce, onion. The glaze is where it is at and it's all super moist. (My mother never made meatloaf but if she did...it would have been dry. Sorry mom).

As for the potatoes. Totally classic. No surprises at all. Which I think is the perfect pair for the meatloaf and it's glaze. You don't want lots of flavor in the potatoes unless your meatloaf is bland. Just an opinion. I mixed the mashees in my KitchenAid instead of using a ricer. The girls loved it too.

Been cruising the Pioneer Woman again and can't wait to try out some new recipes. Appetizers, baby!

Don't forget to take a look at West Elm's Spring gorgeousness. Here, here, here, and here. Oh my! I'll be hoarding cash for a few items. Like those stripe hand towels.

Oh, and I'd really like this apron for my birthday.


  1. I'll take some really cute things from your storage closet, any day! :)

  2. Now I want meat loaf, with glaze! Love the apron!

  3. #2: Whatcha got?
    #3: I got the primary assignment last week that I thought I'd get but was hoping not to get and which has now totally convinced me that Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor...and I've got a lot to learn.
    #10: Still waiting to watch this, darn Redbox and Netflix.

    Martha's meatloaf is pretty good. Love The Pioneer Woman's recipes.