January 09, 2011

The Good Report

1. M eats salsa like it's candy. Imagine double-fisted shoveling.
2. And L goes for sugar snap peas and broccoli. I'm so proud.
3. Finished another quilt for the lounge level.
4. And finally finished a baby quilt I started early last year. Made from zig zag scraps. I think I'm going to sell.
5. Still going strong with some of the eating habits we changed a couple of months ago. We LOVE to snack between meals, but it's all good/healthy things now.
6. The hubs initiated an important conversation and I'm so glad because I don't have the energy.
7. Ever since I bought Cascade Advanced power I no longer have to follow up a load with a vinegar rinse to remove all chalky crud stuck to my dishes. This is major peeps because I hated running the dishwasher twice.
8. I totally love our new Costco membership.
(side note: word on the street is Costco has peonies in the summer. cross your fingers.)
9. Reduced my computer time even more.
11. Had one soda this week. A drastic reduction. I have no desire to give it up completely....just keeping to that social sugar intake.
12. I rocked it big time this week when I responded tenderly to L's hysterical outbursts (tantrums, anyone?). It worked and peace was restored in the land.
13. Grocery shopping. Alone.
14. Hubs got started on redoing the weather stripping around the house. Our doors leak cold air like you wouldn't believe.
15. My knives got sharpened!!!!! (Yes, it deserves five exclamation points). It's changed my life.

Creamy Cheesy Potatoes. She had me at "1 pint heavy cream". Yes, please. I'll take that any day over canned cream of chicken soup. And lately I've been completely smitten with recipes that are truly homemade. You know, like cutting your own french fries from an actual potato v. frozen hashbrowns. But aside from hand cut fries and heavy cream there's also the taste.
Y-U-M. Not enough leftovers.

More good food. Chili. Good flavor. Mine was slightly hot (spicy) due to the red pepper flakes in homemade chili seasoning mix. But I like it with feeling. Even better the day after.

Coolest wedding. Coolest location I've ever seen.

I've got to make THIS for the girls' room for Valentine's Day. Ak! It's all the right colors and would look so pretty hanging in their window.


  1. I adore Costco. I don't buy loads of items there, but I so enjoy what we do purchase.

    And there is usually at least one bunch of affordable flowers that catch my eye.

  2. LOVE Jillian Michaels! I am doing the "30 Day Shred Dvd" and it definitely is a good workout. May have to try that other one next! Let me know how you like it. If you like to workout to music, (I do, to drown out the "I hate working out" feelings that go through my brain) try playlist.com. You can make a list of songs that you like and play them for free. :) You can do it!!!

  3. Oh, I meant to tell you that Costco confirmed that they're building one in SF. Yep, it should be done October 2011. Sa-WEET!