January 17, 2011

The Good Report

1. The hubs bought a $5 knife sharpener from the hardware store and sharpened the rest of my knives that didn't get professionally done (all those little pairing knives laying around that were more like butter knives). Wowee. This is fantastic.
2. Last week's nursery was much better than the first. Not a single cryer. Maybe, I can handle this. Definitely didn't mind chatting with the other 6 adults for an hour+. Cool peeps.
3. Seriously grateful the hubs is not a picky eater. He's always been up for whatever I've got cooking.
4. I'm really proud of myself for the few changes I've made so far. And not mad at all about the ones getting left behind.
5. L found a library book that we lost months ago.
6. Reduced computer time even more. I'm not missing much.
7. Glad I no longer feel paralyzed. More like hyper focused.

Fantastically over the top. Entirely rich. Sweeter than sweet. Definitely will NOT be in the permanent rotation though. This one has to be a once in a while. The caramel-y bottom is to die for. And I preferred mine without the syrup. Because of that caramel, baby.

Panko has changed my life peeps. These are awesome. Easy. Go make them. I passed on the apricot-mustard sauce because that sounded totally disgusting. Not a fan of most sweet sauces. So we had a variety of choices (mustard, ketchup, ranch). Also, I use chicken tenders pretty much exclusively when a recipe calls for chicken breast. Because they cook in a few minutes and are just so darn tender. I predict this will be a family staple.

This has some serious potential for us. Just needs some ingredient tweaking. Mine ended up being way too salty since I made the ham cup version (v. foil liners). Next time I'll choose ham OR bacon and use liners. Egg leaked through the ham and was a nightmare to clean the tin. It's liners from now on. I've been trying to send the hubs off with a hearty breakfast each morning because cold cereal just doesn't cut it so I'm thrilled about these as an option. I plan on loading it with mushrooms & diced tomato next (two of his faves).

My favorite recipe this week. Hands down. The dressing is killer. I can tell smoked paprika and I are going to be new best friends. I sent the salad to the next level by using panko crusted chicken bites (see above) instead of regular ol' cubed chicken. That little crunch from the crust is just what this salad needs.

P.S. I need to start another quilt. Does it seem like I'm having a spazz attack? Yes, yes I am. In all areas of my life.

How did I miss this Mid-century calendar?

{And we're back from AZ. If I have it my way I'll be hibernating all week}.


  1. glad to see you back. can't wait to hear about your trip. DId you take pictures? I'm excited to see your new ideas for a quilt :)

  2. Leslie,
    I tried the ham and egg cups, too - they were delicious! I have a suggestion - instead of using bacon, I used a little bit of sausage that I cooked with some hash brown-style potatoes, so even though I didn't use tons of meat, there was the flavor in all of the cups.
    2 - I wanted to use deli ham as the liner but mine was too small, so I cut a flour tortilla into quarters and put a piece of ham on top of a tortilla quarter, and then used the whole thing as a liner. That way you have a little more substance and it keeps things contained super well.

    Good luck with round two! The tomatoes sound super good.

  3. I love when you share recipes you've tried. I add them to my menu because I trust you and you sense for good food.