January 30, 2011

The Good Report

1. We went swimming in January. Now, that's awesome. Followed by my favorite bacon
cheeseburger and onion rings.
2. Got an email this weak that rocked my world. Like unbelievably good. Oh yeah, my train just pulled into validation station. Wow.
3. Still feeling great about changes made around here.
4. I won this giveaway. Yes!!! I'm thrilled. Can't wait to meet her because I love her thoughtful blog.
5. Tax return!

Homemade pizza using stephmodo's crust and Alisha's sauce. This is super easy, but you need time. One hour dough rising. And one and half for sauce to simmer. So plan accordingly.
I had a bunch of sauce leftover so I froze it.  Which will make the next pizza meal even faster to pull together.  
The hubs loved this crust which is huge because he is a pizza snob.  I would put it in the real good category.  One dough recipe made one crust (fits a baking sheet).  Not sure if the recipe is supposed to be stretched into two pizzas.  I guess you could and just have a thinner crust.  
Baked creamy chicken taquitos. Just fab. Made with creamy cilantro ranch dressing. Also fab. (And better than the version I already had). We also had it with restaurant style salsa. So good. I love salsas. All of them. And have a few different recipes I like. This one is good because it's very, very mild which I'm sometimes in the mood for. There's not a whole lot personality and yet I still loved it. When I took a bite I thought yeah, that does taste like restaurant salsa.

Macaroni and cheese. Definitely good, but did not blow me away. I'll be trying out some others.

Cuban panini The meat on it's own was a huge disappointment. Not tender enough, but smothered with cheese and toppings this panini was awesome. Bread and butter pickles were a happy surprise. Not something I've had before. And ciabatta rocks (can you believe I found it at Walmart!)

10 questions on your home
I'd kind of like a
new blog banner.
Someone beat me to it (pixel quilt). I think I need to make a pink version.
Our road trip did not look this cute.
Mindfulness (spending). I'm all for it. Change, change, can I get some change up in here!
I've got date night planned for the rest of the year....
where to eat at least.


  1. Thanks again for sharing your recipes. I'm going to try some of these for sure. I was looking over your food goals again. I think I might have found a chicken noodle soup recipe for you. Go to Cheeky Kitchen and search for Chicken and Stars soup. Delicious!

    Also, look up Jolla Groves restaurant in the River Bottoms. We should go sometime.

  2. You can come make me any of that delicious food any time :)

  3. So glad you liked the taquitos. They're pretty popular around here 'cause the kiddos can eat them with their hands and DIP! Lol.

  4. I'm excite to try the recipes. I just printed a pizza dough recipe from pioneer woman that I'm going to try. I like my crust okay, but I'm in the market for a new one. What's your favorite cheeseburger and onion rings?

  5. Shauna, I'm trying the pioneer woman's crust next. Let me know what you think. And my favorite burger and onion rings is JCW


    Let's go when you come out next time.

  6. Yeah! Let's go, I haven't heard of it.

    I was just looking at your restaurant date list. I've been to Les Madeleines and it's so great! Can't wait to try some of the others. Sad that there aren't great unique places like those in our vicinity.

  7. YES on all this list. I love it. And that pixel quilt rocks! You should completely make a pink one. I'm still in awe over your last quilt post, btw.

  8. my brother used to work at jcw's in american fork. he used to bring home milkshakes every night he worked in order to use up the remaining ice cream. i didn't mind. will need to go there with you next time i'm in town. :)