January 12, 2011

In the moment

Tomorrow we leave for AZ for my grandma's memorial service. She lived a long life. 95 years. I have nothing but good memories of her. She was always nice to us and consistently sent a birthday card every year of my life. I mostly remember how much food she would have prepared for our arrival when we would visit (we always lived really far away). It was always way too much food and completely awesome. All my siblings will be there too which makes me really happy. Haven't seen them since our reunion.

Maybe I'll photograph our trip and maybe I won't. I don't really know. I've only snapped a few frames since Boston. No real reason. Mostly, I just don't feel like it's the area of my life that deserves the most attention.

Wish us safe travels!

P.S. Wouldn't it be nice to return home and find out I'd won a mini session from Ashley Thalman? C'mon. I never win anything.


  1. Sorry about your sad news, happy that you get to escape your cold and see your family. Take pictures, it's who you are and you'll regret it if you don't. Love ya, miss ya, see you soon!

  2. I'm glad you have such good memories of your grandma. Ok, I have to apologize for being so obnoxious with my texts and phone calls, i went and it's all good. Don't worry about anything here, just have a good time with your family and travel safely.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandma! Travel safely.

    Oh, and speaking of a small town, I'm pretty sure I went to high school with Ashley Thalman's husband, Cade. LOL.

  4. Grandmothers are something we carry with us always. Mine were a HUGE part of my life and shaped me in so many ways. They were consistent and warm and always felt like HOME.

    It saddens me that my son will never know how wonderful both of grandmothers were.

    Sorry to hear of your loss.
    I hope your trip is bittersweet.
    (It's sad to say goodbye but nice to say hello to other loved ones.)

  5. oh friend! So glad you have lovely memories. It was really nice to read them. Uplifting.