February 07, 2011

At 34......

1. I despise fairy tales. They freak me out.
2. I also can't stand Willy Wonka, Never Ending Story and Wizard of Oz. more Freaky!
3. I can't parallel park.
4. Or roll my rrrrrrr's.
5. Or snap all that well.
6. I could live without TV, but would struggle without the internet.
7. I like being alone.
8. I have two reoccurring dreams throughout my life. 1. that my teeth fall out. And 2. I can't remember my locker # in high school.
9. I survived a rollover car accident (years ago). So did my sister.
10. I knew exactly how to be a parent before I became one.
11. I prefer to hang out with people who are not like me.
12. I've never needed a lot of friends. Just a few really GREAT ones.
13. I could be a forever student. And just keep getting degrees.
14. If I ever went back I'd start with Art History.
15. I played sports in high school.
16. Because I didn't know there was anything else.
17. Now, I could not care less about athletics.
18. I think I'm a great friend.
19. I have high expectations for myself and the people around me.
20. If I had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of my life = Mexican.
21. My strengths are also my weaknesses.
22. I'm strict about a tidy house, but I'm not much of a deep cleaner.
22. I'm a better mother than I was last year.
23. My venture into quilting is just as a surprise to me as anyone else.
24. Pregnancies & motherhood, and marriage has made me very compassionate towards other people.
25. Sometimes I am too realistic about my life.
26. I loathe being invited to parties where someone is trying to sell me something. So I don't go. Jewelry parties, purse parties, Avon, etc. (Ok, I'll go to Pampered Chef).
27. I always considered VT and being a VT a massive irritant (and that's understating it) until I became stay at home mom.
28. Now, I need it.
29. I'm a people watcher. Always have been.
30. I want closer relationships with all my siblings.
31. I wish I lived near all my siblings.
32. I'm really, really excited about food right now.
33. I think I should have a lot more figured out.
34. I have big dreams for our little family. (but there's that annoying #25)


  1. I see myself in numbers 2,7,22, and 23.

    Wishing you a merry 34th!

  2. oh i love this! if you don't mind, i think i'll post my own "25" tomorrow~ i'll link back to your list... such an inspiration!

  3. We have plenty in common...but then, I'm not like you because I'm shorter and I have a son so- can we hang out?

  4. Haven't checked in in a while (your blog) I swear I've blogged like twice since Stella was born (in August...) But I loved reading this! And the rest of your blog - your photos are like visual candy. I learned a lot about you. I miss our long talks at Coleman's. :) I love your enthusiasm for life and change - so refreshing and inspiring. That's awesome that you'd study Art History. You know I'm a fan. :)

  5. I have a recurring dream about my teeth falling out too! But in them I'm chewing gum and they kind of crumble out. So gross. What do you think that means? You ARE and amazing friend and I hope you consider me one of those Great friends! I believe I am who I am because of you. You have been such an inspiration to me in my life! Love you!