February 06, 2011

The Good Report

1. My sister surprised me with three new cookbooks for my birthday. This, this, and this. I'm thrilled!
2. A celebration weekend with all my favorite things: art, food, food, and bestie.
3. And how about this deal of the year: 2 for $42. Ack!!! I can't wait until they arrive. Happy Birthday it is!
4. Going to bed early, and sleeping late. My true love.
5. Then being awake while everyone else is sleeping late. Not so bad either. I enjoy the quiet.
6. Got my sewing machine back from being serviced. Lots of projects (quilts) lined up an ready to go. Eeee!

Pasta w/ tomato cream sauce comforting, salty, creamy, basic, easy to prepare in no time, a good go-to meal. It sure didn't hurt eating it with fresh mozarella cheese bread. Mmmm. Could have made it even more complete with a salad, but I was feeling lazy. The sauce was even better the next day. This one is going in the permanent rotation.

Sloppy joes I think this is the first time I have made sloppy joes in my life. This one has great flavor. I'm totally grossed out by canned sloppy joe sauce. The hubs who hates sloppy joes (due to bad childhood sloppy joes) liked this. Mostly, I made this because I already had everything to make it on a day I really needed to go grocery shopping.

It's chewy, chicken-y, soy salt-y love. And Easy, easy. That was a surprise. I'll definitely be making them again. It's too many for the hubs and I, but I really wanted to make these to test them out for an appetizer party with some neighbors. Time for a party! And get over your fear of throwing water into hot OIL. You just gotta do it. Then close the lid fast.
Those little wonton wraps can also be made into homemade ravioli. Uh, we'll be making that soon. Or how about potstickers as a meal with egg drop soup (a fave of mine when eating out). another simple recipe here. Yeah, I'm excited.

Yummy. Similar to the other one, but with garlic. Next time I'll add a little less of it though. I think this one is my new fave. No potato peeling makes me really happy. This fits on 8x8 pan.

This Home sweet home poster is speaking to me. For the basement. So pretty.
And that Stripe towel ....STILL speaking to me.
I've been eyeing up these cheapies. Polka dot scarf. Pink necklace....cute!
Did you see the Oliver + S quilt. Gasp!
A larger date night list. Let's eat.
We also need to go to the library one of these weekends.


  1. I love that Valentine idea! Even just for every day fruit baskets, too - a little surprise.

    On a different note...where do you buy Panko bread crumbs?? I looked at Macey's and Walmart and they didn't have them. Well, Walmart had some but they were the oriental ones and somehow that just didn't sound good with chicken nuggets!

  2. the library is my favorite ever. I can walk there, and do A LOT in the summer. when you go i'd love to meet you and take you to the cutest little cafe with all 4 kids.