February 13, 2011

The Good Report

1. One less errand when the hubs picks up the Costco list on his way home from work.
2. I feel different about things = that's good.
3. The drug medly given to me by my cousin (ER Dr.) worked when another migraine hit this week.
4. M didn't scream her head off for the babysitter when we left on our last date.
5. I've noticed myself saying no to a lot of purchases. A great thing. More importantly not feeling an ounce of deprivation. Progress peeps. I'm blowing my own mind here.
6. Cut all the squares for the pixel quilt. I'm so excited. It's going to be a real good one.
7. Finished cutting all the squares for the blush party quilt. Now, I'm holding out for a specific spring fabric...I'll share that later. Oh man, I'm so smitten with my idea.

Ok, this is good. In your face sweet. The kind of stuff I would have really gone for a couple of months ago. I can tell my tastes are changing because 9 pounds of sugar in one sitting doesn't excite me the way it used to. It's very good, but I think it would be best served as part of a bigger breakfast package and not the main event. A brunch medly or something. Mostly savory with a little bit of this on the side of your plate. And the 9 x 13 makes way to much for our little family so serve to a crowd (or your very large family of teenage boys).

These were pretty much duds for me.
Pinto bean soup...not nearly the flavor I was looking for. We like the El Azteca version and I'm trying to copy it. So, nope. Not going to cut it.
Sesame noodles. This was a total bummer. Pretty much hated the flavor even though I love every single ingredient. Make this instead (it's fantastic).

A new recipe source Kayotic Kitchen. Uh, wow. Printed about 900 of her recipes to try over the next couple of weeks. And that's barely scratching the surface of her blog. I need to sit down. Eeee!


  1. Do you ever read Ana-White.com? I have a few of her plans printed and ready to be built... someday. You know.

    One of them on my list is for her farmhouse table... or maybe a slightly different rendition. I've been coveting one from Restoration Hardware for a while, but yeah, that won't happen. Anyway, if you haven't seen her site, check it out.

    Oh, and I totally have a complete saw set in my garage waiting for a killer project. I just need some motivation... so... if you ever want to...

  2. Trevor wants the magic migraine cure and I love how all of your quilts have names...I want one named Orange Creamsicle With a Twist of Lime!!

  3. I love the Asian noodle salad. I've made it several times. Good job on the no deprivation attitude! Can't wait to see the quilts. Do you have a new calling? I haven't seen you lately.

  4. I am always inspired by your blog, not only your photos but your words. I am interested in the Boston Temple. Can you please email me? klfarnsworth at msn dot com. Thanks!

  5. Try this recipe blog:


    I briefly knew this girl in my old ward. She is super sweet and I have liked a lot of the recipes. I think you have mentioned Our Best Bites and a lot of those have been great, too.

    --Robin B.