February 20, 2011

The Good Report

1. New blog banner (thanks, Annie). Woot, woot!
2. Warmer weather. Woot, woot!
3. Vine ripe, flavorful, juicy tomatoes. (bro-in-law job perks)
4. L played at the neighbors for a couple hours one afternoon while cleaned out some closet space. It's much easier that way.
5. Days with the windows open and the breeze flowing. True love.
6. I went through a few photo albums and purged a ton of photos. Don't be alarmed. Do I or any of us really need fifteen photos of an old roommate from the same day, in the same chair? No. No we don't.
7. Friends of MS picking up our crap instead of me having to load it up, load up the girls and drive to a drop off. Yeah, I'll be purging for weeks.
8. My VT dropped off a box of quilt books. The Amish ones are inspiring. And surprisingly modern.
9. 51 degrees = park and library day.
10. Cut and color = freshy fresh.
11. The baby quilt listed in my etsy shop sold. Woot, woot!
12. Blush Party quilt isn't turning out how I planned after I started sewing the squares together, but the result is still really cute. And now it needs a different name.

In an attempt to use up my entire stockpile of butter I made two butter loaded recipes from the Pioneer Woman this week. First, there was French silk pie (Valentine's Day). Um, deelish. But I am now slightly turned off by the knowledge of what puts the "silk" in French silk. Wow (butter, butter, butter). I never knew. Still....undeniably fab.

And then, there was The Best Coffee Cake Ever. 3 sticks of butter! Never making again. Cuz that's just gross. On taste....it was good. No way was it the best coffee cake ever.

As for actual meals this week... We didn't have any hits.

Shoe clips. I could really go for those.
The book will be in my mailbox in a matter of days. Oh man, I'm going to rock so many of those projects.
Want to see who scans my film? Awesome!!!
Be mindful and get this pillow.
I thought my knock-off rocker was cheap....but this one takes it. $79!!


  1. you can only throw away those 15 photos if it's someone other than me. miss your face. i should call soon.

  2. LOVE the new blog header!!!

    word verification: suasess
    "Mom, can I wear your suasess?"

  3. Good for you! Not many people can purge effectively. And I *love* the blog header.

  4. oh man, i so want that rocker.

  5. How many pounds of butter do you think PW goes through in a year? It's gotta be a lot.

  6. thanks for the shout-out, leslie! the header looks so good... i love how clean everything looks!