February 24, 2011

Life in general & Keeping up (the resolutions)

I've been going about my biz these days. Sewing almost every night this week. Sometimes until the wee hours which I am way too old to be doing if I want to have a functional life the following day. The Color Crush (formerly known as blush party) quilt top is almost finished. Oh my goodness it is so pretty and not at all what I set out to do. The weather is so nice and I've been trying to hit the out of doors with the girlies as much as possible. We are on vacation next week so we'll be venturing out for all of our day excursions. And I'll be snapping photos of it all.

And about my resolutions.... Small changes have brought more small changes which equals BIG CHANGE. The most important of all the resolutions (change in spending habits) has me excited, and thrilled, and happy, and calm..... like the life of our dreams is attainable. I feel hyper focused. And giving up eating out (most wasteful habit of all) and junk and impulses has been soooooo easy! Who knew? I would have never guessed I would change so much.

Meanwhile, I found this gem of a knock-off. I am few dollars shy of having enough money saved. (Thanks to some birthday money from my mom). I think I will die of loveliness when it is sitting at my kitchen table. I just might lose my mind. EEEEEEE! I can't wait. Totally worth several times of NOT eating out (or once depending on the where).

The chair of my dreams
and the other chair of my dreams I'm saving for

P.S. M is charming our socks off these days. She's the sweetest little thing.

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