February 01, 2011

Twin Peaks dining

the fire was nice.

uh, creepy.

This is a dinner stop I will never forget. The food was not good. Not a real shocker (though they did have one of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever eaten). The girls ran around like crazy people after being cooped up in the car for hours. And I let them since we were the only ones there. L got her inner geologist on and sorted shiny colored rocks. And played with a little boy who appeared out of nowhere. I'm guessing his mom worked there. We stayed for a long time before ending the night in Flagstaff.

P.S. I hand held the Mamiya at 1/15. Actually some were at 1/8 leaning against a chair to stabilize myself.
In case you were wondering.....that's completely awesome!

Mamiya C220, 800Z

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  1. You should sell some of your photographs. I would buy them. Love them!

    We should go to La Jolla Groves when Trev and Amy are here, but we should just go as the gals. My neighbors went the other night with husbands, and none of the husbands were fans. Not enough quantity of food for them. They all declared it a girls restaurant. We can go to JCW's with all the guys.