March 27, 2011

The good report

1. Great news from the dentist. Lots of little efforts are minimizing issues brought on by my pregnancies. Sweet!
2. My sister watched the girls for hours while I went to the dentist and had lunch with the hubs.
3. The hygentist told me I have beautiful skin. I shouldn't be so thrilled by stranger compliments, but I do love them.
3. 2nd meeting of the f8 group = better than the first = three hours is not enough.
4. Free therapy with Carolee on the drive home. My guess is she now wants a new carpool companion.
5. Introduced to the work of Vivian Maier. The question was raised: do we have to be known to be successful? Uh, my mind is now whirling over how I have been viewing myself.
6. Giving away that photo stuff to the f8 group feels fantastic. Peace out emotional baggage.
7. L has been staying in her bed all night (more often) when bribed with sticker chart. She really wants that princess doll. And I'll take all the sleep I can get.
8. Decided on paint color for the sewing room and guest bathroom. Creamy beige.
9. The hubs and the optical dude convinced me that geek chic was the way to go with my new glasses. Except I'm not convinced about the chic part.
10. L hasn't cried in weeks when dropped off at sunbeams.
11. I made myself be brave and photographed outside the festival of color. Strangers. Eeek!
12. Nearly completed the pixel quilt.

Need some new sources for recipes? I do. Check out the huge list.

P.S. I'm dreaming of an outdoor dinner party. It's one of my resolutions, you know.

March 21, 2011

Unplugging is the new black

It's time. I'm bored of blogs and facebook and noise. And I'm craving a rich life (not talking dollars).

Yeah, I'll check my email and continue to use the best invention ever (love me some online bill pay), but I haven't been on as much and realize I don't miss anything.

I'm unsure about continuing the Sunday good reports. They ARE totally helpful to me. But the hiatus isn't really so much a technology ban, but me wanting to live anonymously for a while. Focus on the things I really want to be doing and the people I really want to connect with.

When I return to blogging I'll share stunning photos and some finished quilts.

March 20, 2011

The Good Report

1. Finished the pixel quilt top.

Wow, this is way better than the recipes I've tried off the pasta box.
What I liked:
Very firm al dente noodles even after baking in the oven. Awesome! That garlic mixed into the cheese is deelish. And the best part, it wasn't too saucy. I always feel like when I order this at a restaurant it's just drowning with sauce (and mushy noodles). It's usually just a wet, nasty mess. I like my manicotti on the dryer side and these were perfection. I mixed the ground beef in with the marinara sauce (instead of the cheese mixture) and let it all simmer for an hour. Also, I only added a little bit of mozzarella. This will be a repeat recipe and the girls loved it too.

I've been putting off trying this one because it just seemed so lengthy. Not so much in real life. Lengthy simmer time, but easy. The broth is fab and homemade noodles are the only way to go. But this recipe needs some color in the form of carrots (anything!) Monocromatic soup doesn't look that good. And the chicken breast was super dry. Not sure how to get around that since the chicken makes the broth and simmers the entire time. ???? Maybe chicken thighs next time. The broth and the noodles make up for the flaws.

March 14, 2011

De-stress the NEST {the emotional purge}

{From Whole Living, September 2010}

Declutter using emotion as your guiding principle.....

Consider how each possession makes you feel. Don't keep things with NEGATIVE ENERGY, like gifts from people you had a falling-out with, photos from unhappy times (did that one already) or failed relationships, unfinished projects (totally did this too).

TIP: if you have to mull over whether to toss a particular item, you probably don't need it


A few weeks ago I tackled (or started to tackle) the closet in the sewing room. Most of what is in there is in use. Things like sewing supplies, extra bedding. But I skimmed through some old photography stuff/gear/books/portfolios. Apparantly, I have a ton of negative energy attached to it because I barely got started when I broke down into a puddle of tears. What the what???? Poor L had no idea what was going on, and honestly, I didn't either. It wasn't really a response I was anticipating. No joke.....Buckets of tears over events that occurred years and years ago. Pathetic.
It was a totally painful process for me (and I'm still not done with the photography purge), but necessary. I understand it now. Turns out you must still mourn the loss of a dream even when you willingly walked away from it. The things I am getting rid of represent a lot of deep emotion. Fear, stress, frustration, insecurity, confusion, wasted time, disappointment. Failure. Ugh! Very few know the story. Even a lot of the people who think they know my story do not know my story. The hubs knows it all and he's it. And that's the exactly the way I like it.

The point is..... IT ALL HAS TO GO and I'm ready to let it go. I don't want to remember. I don't want to relive because going through that stuff took me right back to THAT place and THAT girl. No thanks.

So you see... I'm undergoing an emotional purge and can hardly think of anything else. But as moody as my blog feels from this post we are happy and living life.

P.S. Alisha put into words my feelings over current events. (and why I never ever watch the news).

March 13, 2011

The Good Report

I think it's safe to say I have not been photographing. At all. I feel like I'm making over my entire life right now and that part has just been on the backburner. Too bad. I kind of miss it. I would jump at inspiration right now. Just haven't been "seeing" anything despite some assignments from the creative group I joined up with last week.

1. The favorites were in town for a few days which is always a good thing.
2. They might be the best house guests on the planet.
3. Trevor made us creme brulee. Fantastic.
4. And he also hung shelves in our laundry room (which is really a closet).
5. And found the source of mysterious dishwasher noise.
6. And took Jeff skiing.
7. Amy brought a little project for us.....fabric capes for the kids.
8. Friends that feel like family are better than family.
9. Finished the Color Crush quilt.
10. All week the windows were open and the fresh air was flowing.
11. Photographed the Color Crush quilt.
12. Glee radio on itunes.
13. Our local Joanns sells Lisette patterns (they were $1.99) and fabric. Eeeee! I'm eyeing one of the prints for my summer skirt collection (see below).

I'm making some of these skirts for spring. Cuh-ute! I plan on wearing skirts most days.
And will be trying some rounded corners on a quilt. EASY.

March 11, 2011

Still in the process of purging....

Clutter is the by-product of indecision.
Make sure everything in your space
is there because you choose to keep it.

Teri Trespicio, Whole Living, Sep 2010

March 07, 2011


Look for a lovely thing and you will find it.
Sarah Teasdale
{found here}

March 06, 2011

The Good Report

1. The hubs unclogged our bathroom sink. It's the little things.
2. Round one of our financial summit = get on the same page. There are no words.
4. Watching the Oscars Tivo style (skipping past the blah, blah, blah) is the only way to go. Thanks, Em.
5. Nursery is not as bad as I thought it would be. But I'd still jump ship in a heartbeat.
6. My sister taught me the CUTEST way to do my hair. So excited.
7. Finished sewing the Color Crush quilt top.
8. Finding out I no longer want all the things I thought I wanted = priceless.
9. The hubs taking over when I'm on the verge = all kinds of priceless
10. The hubs fixed the Garage door. Woooo!!! Life just got so good.
11. Started sewing the pixel quilt.
12. Being a part of a creative group has me curious, engaged, excited. (more later) And meeting new people is just what I need right now.
13. A surprise arrived from my mom. Nope. Not telling.
14. The hubs also fixed the vacume. His handiest week ever.
15. Finished quilting the color crush quilt. It went so fast.
16. Jeff's new nickname for M has me rolling (it's Squiggy because her hair falls into the same point).
17. Made some progress on the nightmare of a garage. I'd gladly purge the contents of our entire house right now.
18. Saw Unknown. Really liked it.
19. Saw The Adjustment Bureau. Awesome.

All around this was a very important week for the hubs and I.

I didn't have chives. Wish I did. (on my things to grow list).
Mine had to cook much longer than the recommended time and I even cut them extremely thin. That was kind of frustrating, but they were great. Salty, cheesy. Yum.

For color lovers like me. But wait, there's more.
Alisha led me to this article. Wow. I'm taking note.
That Julianne Moore. She's a beauty.

March 05, 2011


Just in case there is a film photographer out there seeking a medium format lovely.....

I've got this for grabs....
Mamiya RZ Pro 6x7 camera body with f3.5 90 mm lens, 120 film back, waist level finder, body cap, lens cap (front and back).

Best offer (though I do have a $ amount I'm not willing to go below).

I'm ready to move on from the heavyweight. I need something faster (as in NO bellows).

March 04, 2011

Trellis rug

This bad girl just got affordable at half off

March 03, 2011

On creativity

Sometimes from an artistic perspective it can be overwhelming when you want to create but are feeling shy and nervous. I feel at times that there are so many amazing artists past and present that why should I try? I will never measure up. Is the artwork I want to create original? Can there such a thing as original anymore? Is there room for my work and perspective within the art community?

Not at all my words. {from here}

But my heart for sure.

The hubs came across this and showed it to me. Goose bumps. More HERE.