March 14, 2011

De-stress the NEST {the emotional purge}

{From Whole Living, September 2010}

Declutter using emotion as your guiding principle.....

Consider how each possession makes you feel. Don't keep things with NEGATIVE ENERGY, like gifts from people you had a falling-out with, photos from unhappy times (did that one already) or failed relationships, unfinished projects (totally did this too).

TIP: if you have to mull over whether to toss a particular item, you probably don't need it


A few weeks ago I tackled (or started to tackle) the closet in the sewing room. Most of what is in there is in use. Things like sewing supplies, extra bedding. But I skimmed through some old photography stuff/gear/books/portfolios. Apparantly, I have a ton of negative energy attached to it because I barely got started when I broke down into a puddle of tears. What the what???? Poor L had no idea what was going on, and honestly, I didn't either. It wasn't really a response I was anticipating. No joke.....Buckets of tears over events that occurred years and years ago. Pathetic.
It was a totally painful process for me (and I'm still not done with the photography purge), but necessary. I understand it now. Turns out you must still mourn the loss of a dream even when you willingly walked away from it. The things I am getting rid of represent a lot of deep emotion. Fear, stress, frustration, insecurity, confusion, wasted time, disappointment. Failure. Ugh! Very few know the story. Even a lot of the people who think they know my story do not know my story. The hubs knows it all and he's it. And that's the exactly the way I like it.

The point is..... IT ALL HAS TO GO and I'm ready to let it go. I don't want to remember. I don't want to relive because going through that stuff took me right back to THAT place and THAT girl. No thanks.

So you see... I'm undergoing an emotional purge and can hardly think of anything else. But as moody as my blog feels from this post we are happy and living life.

P.S. Alisha put into words my feelings over current events. (and why I never ever watch the news).


  1. This was such a beautiful post, and an important reminder about why, sometimes, it's just best to look forward. Best wishes as you continue the purge! :)

  2. Sorry it's been such an emotional ride. Sounds like you'll be able to take a load off your back once your all done. Tiff