March 27, 2011

The good report

1. Great news from the dentist. Lots of little efforts are minimizing issues brought on by my pregnancies. Sweet!
2. My sister watched the girls for hours while I went to the dentist and had lunch with the hubs.
3. The hygentist told me I have beautiful skin. I shouldn't be so thrilled by stranger compliments, but I do love them.
3. 2nd meeting of the f8 group = better than the first = three hours is not enough.
4. Free therapy with Carolee on the drive home. My guess is she now wants a new carpool companion.
5. Introduced to the work of Vivian Maier. The question was raised: do we have to be known to be successful? Uh, my mind is now whirling over how I have been viewing myself.
6. Giving away that photo stuff to the f8 group feels fantastic. Peace out emotional baggage.
7. L has been staying in her bed all night (more often) when bribed with sticker chart. She really wants that princess doll. And I'll take all the sleep I can get.
8. Decided on paint color for the sewing room and guest bathroom. Creamy beige.
9. The hubs and the optical dude convinced me that geek chic was the way to go with my new glasses. Except I'm not convinced about the chic part.
10. L hasn't cried in weeks when dropped off at sunbeams.
11. I made myself be brave and photographed outside the festival of color. Strangers. Eeek!
12. Nearly completed the pixel quilt.

Need some new sources for recipes? I do. Check out the huge list.

P.S. I'm dreaming of an outdoor dinner party. It's one of my resolutions, you know.


  1. issues brought on by pregnancies?

  2. i commented before reading the whole thing and #4 made me laugh-out-loud!

    would never want a new carpool companion. you kidding?!

  3. issues: gum recession = sensitivity = bleeding = annoying!

  4. An outdoor dinner party sounds AWESOME...
    Now you've got me dreaming of one too!