March 06, 2011

The Good Report

1. The hubs unclogged our bathroom sink. It's the little things.
2. Round one of our financial summit = get on the same page. There are no words.
4. Watching the Oscars Tivo style (skipping past the blah, blah, blah) is the only way to go. Thanks, Em.
5. Nursery is not as bad as I thought it would be. But I'd still jump ship in a heartbeat.
6. My sister taught me the CUTEST way to do my hair. So excited.
7. Finished sewing the Color Crush quilt top.
8. Finding out I no longer want all the things I thought I wanted = priceless.
9. The hubs taking over when I'm on the verge = all kinds of priceless
10. The hubs fixed the Garage door. Woooo!!! Life just got so good.
11. Started sewing the pixel quilt.
12. Being a part of a creative group has me curious, engaged, excited. (more later) And meeting new people is just what I need right now.
13. A surprise arrived from my mom. Nope. Not telling.
14. The hubs also fixed the vacume. His handiest week ever.
15. Finished quilting the color crush quilt. It went so fast.
16. Jeff's new nickname for M has me rolling (it's Squiggy because her hair falls into the same point).
17. Made some progress on the nightmare of a garage. I'd gladly purge the contents of our entire house right now.
18. Saw Unknown. Really liked it.
19. Saw The Adjustment Bureau. Awesome.

All around this was a very important week for the hubs and I.

I didn't have chives. Wish I did. (on my things to grow list).
Mine had to cook much longer than the recommended time and I even cut them extremely thin. That was kind of frustrating, but they were great. Salty, cheesy. Yum.

For color lovers like me. But wait, there's more.
Alisha led me to this article. Wow. I'm taking note.
That Julianne Moore. She's a beauty.

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  1. #17. so much how i am feeling right now too. and your Amen something similar to that in Real Simple the other day and was eating my heart out.