March 13, 2011

The Good Report

I think it's safe to say I have not been photographing. At all. I feel like I'm making over my entire life right now and that part has just been on the backburner. Too bad. I kind of miss it. I would jump at inspiration right now. Just haven't been "seeing" anything despite some assignments from the creative group I joined up with last week.

1. The favorites were in town for a few days which is always a good thing.
2. They might be the best house guests on the planet.
3. Trevor made us creme brulee. Fantastic.
4. And he also hung shelves in our laundry room (which is really a closet).
5. And found the source of mysterious dishwasher noise.
6. And took Jeff skiing.
7. Amy brought a little project for us.....fabric capes for the kids.
8. Friends that feel like family are better than family.
9. Finished the Color Crush quilt.
10. All week the windows were open and the fresh air was flowing.
11. Photographed the Color Crush quilt.
12. Glee radio on itunes.
13. Our local Joanns sells Lisette patterns (they were $1.99) and fabric. Eeeee! I'm eyeing one of the prints for my summer skirt collection (see below).

I'm making some of these skirts for spring. Cuh-ute! I plan on wearing skirts most days.
And will be trying some rounded corners on a quilt. EASY.

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