March 20, 2011

The Good Report

1. Finished the pixel quilt top.

Wow, this is way better than the recipes I've tried off the pasta box.
What I liked:
Very firm al dente noodles even after baking in the oven. Awesome! That garlic mixed into the cheese is deelish. And the best part, it wasn't too saucy. I always feel like when I order this at a restaurant it's just drowning with sauce (and mushy noodles). It's usually just a wet, nasty mess. I like my manicotti on the dryer side and these were perfection. I mixed the ground beef in with the marinara sauce (instead of the cheese mixture) and let it all simmer for an hour. Also, I only added a little bit of mozzarella. This will be a repeat recipe and the girls loved it too.

I've been putting off trying this one because it just seemed so lengthy. Not so much in real life. Lengthy simmer time, but easy. The broth is fab and homemade noodles are the only way to go. But this recipe needs some color in the form of carrots (anything!) Monocromatic soup doesn't look that good. And the chicken breast was super dry. Not sure how to get around that since the chicken makes the broth and simmers the entire time. ???? Maybe chicken thighs next time. The broth and the noodles make up for the flaws.

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