March 03, 2011

On creativity

Sometimes from an artistic perspective it can be overwhelming when you want to create but are feeling shy and nervous. I feel at times that there are so many amazing artists past and present that why should I try? I will never measure up. Is the artwork I want to create original? Can there such a thing as original anymore? Is there room for my work and perspective within the art community?

Not at all my words. {from here}

But my heart for sure.

The hubs came across this and showed it to me. Goose bumps. More HERE.

1 comment:

  1. there IS room for your perspective. The art community is ACHING for the way you have simple beauty NAILED.

    the idea of blooming where you are planted isn't original, all the blooms that are created, those are one of a kind. You are that. ONE of a kind. Honestly, I consider you my main inspiration post college.