April 04, 2011

get your CHACH-kee {around the house}

{actual spelling of Tchotchke. I never knew.}

5' x 8' rug is from rugsusa. I'm in love.
It was my birthday present.

Here's a room view.
I'm in the process of building the photo wall.
Adding artwork, having enlargements printed, cutting mattes.
The lounge level is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots.

This one amuses me. Another nod to my roots.
From West Elm's Christmas clearance.
But here is the original seller.

In love!
{and saving for two more area rugs}

Check out my wish list:
favorite floral here, a good basic here, and stripe here.
But this blue is real pretty too.
and loving for the living room.
Dwell studio has one I love. But Lands' End is more affordable.
The Trellis one and two

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. I've been looking for a rug for my living room since December, and you may just have ended my search! Thanks for sharing these links... My fingers are crossed that I find the perfect one!

  2. Love the rug, love the room.

    Thanks for all the rug link. I'm in the market.

  3. The lounge level looks beautiful. I love brown, yellow and black together. I also love rugs, but why do the ones I love always have to be so darned expensive?!

  4. i'm totally in love with that rug.

  5. Ooh, love it!!! The lounge area is becoming my favorite too!!

  6. When did u get that couch? I obviously need to visit more,,,

  7. I just bought the same rug but am having issues laying it down because I am afraid of it getting super dirty from foot traffic. Does the rug get dirty easily? I see you have a toddler which is my other problem. I have a toddler with a black and white rug. :)
    Did you scotch-guard it?