April 03, 2011

The Good Report

1. Pixel quilt is done. And photographed.
2. Those new glasses... I'm still waiting for them to be done.
3. I'm also trying warby parker's home try on. Seeking a second pair.
4. Watched Babies. Loved it.
5. Got caught up on one of my favorite shows. Who do you think you are? The Kim Cattrall episode had me on the edge of my seat.
6. Repair shop couldn't fix or find the problem with our computer, but that problem has also mysteriously disappeared since taking it in.
7. Finally managed to recreate the cute hair my sister showed me. Oh yeah!
8. L and I spent an afternoon at IKEA while the hubs and M slept off their colds.
9. A TWO DAY turnaround time from the lab has me thrilled. Two days! That's fast.
10. Watched Tangled with L. Cried during the lantern scene. And loved the I've got a dream scene.
11. Watching movies in the middle of the day feels a little bit like skipping class. mwuhahaha.
12. My parents arrived and are in town for a few weeks.
13. Went to a BYU Men's volleyball game with my parents. Wowee. Super cool.
14. General Conference. I've got questions. They've got answers.

Spicy Dr. Pepper pork
All I can say is, FORK TENDER, BABY! (and this one's got a lot of heat)

Chicken Tikka Masala
This is real good. Just go make it.
Garam masala smells like heaven. This was my first time using that spice. And I do love me some spice.

John Legend's Mac and Cheese a great baked version.

Stovetop mac & cheese a great super creamy version.


  1. I cry during the lantern scene too. And when she's reunited with her parents. Love that movie.

  2. Tangled was really cute. I've almost seen it all the way through now. I keep missing and seeing different parts of the show thanks to the kiddos. Mens Vball is the way to go if you want some sports, in my opinion! We used to do that every weekend it seemed in high school. Those guys keep getting bigger every year!

  3. I love 'Who Do you Think You Are!" I watch it faithfully. So good.

    If you like that you might like 'Generation's Project on BYUtv.

    Can't wait to see the quilt.

  4. BABIES was a great show... I was so into it!!!
    I was stunned when I saw a few of the scenes out of Africa in particular... It just goes to show how little we really need to make it... All of the "stuff" we buy for new born babies... All of the "things" we have to remember to do and not do... The swaddling, the sleep positioning, etc. etc. etc.
    What a great show!!!
    We live in such a large, diverse world but carry so many of the same traits.