April 10, 2011

The Good Report

1. Trip to Hobby Lobby with my mom. Wow. Coolest store ever. And the most helpful employee.
2. I love good customer service.
3. Jeff stayed with the girls while my sister and I went out with my parents.
4. Was able to spend time with an aunt/uncle I haven't seen in a while.
5. Lab finished my enlargement order in record time.
6. Even called to double check some of the details which I really appreciate. (more great customer service).
7. I'm so excited to add to the photo ledge.
8. Jeff stepped in during a late night tantrum. Oh the horror. It's not good when L and I are BOTH really tired. The hubs has amazing patience.
9. I'm happy about technology because I was really distracted during general conference last week.
10. Picking up the camera and photographing our life makes me really happy.
11. My brother in laws greasy tacos are so deelish. I try to invite myself over whenever they are being served.

Not exactly a PF Changs, but still Great flavor. definitely a repeat. Super messy to eat.
These might be closer replicas Here and here or here

I'm so making this.
There's no doubt.
Switching to white instead of acrylic.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my paint chip garland.

    That chevron rug is almost as gorgeous as your photography!

  2. I made those Lettuce Wraps this week too. I loved them, my family . . . not so much. Hope you have a great week. Sounds like your Sunday wasn't so great (multiple Church diaper changes!).