April 17, 2011

The Good Report

1. I've been wearing those new glasses. But I'm still not convinced they are cute.
2. Returned to the Carl Bloch exhibit.
3. Whitnee watched the girls the entire time.
4. I'm so down with neighbor trade (babysitting).
5. Took some cool snaps while cruising the photo friendly areas of the museum.
6. I can't find it on their website, but the MOA is bringing an African quilt exhibit this summer. Eeee! Em and I are so there.
7. I love my new bangs, but can't always style them the same as Heidi.
8. Human planet. Oh my goodness. Breathtaking. Awe inspiring. Wow. Kind of blown away by it all. The living bridge....!!!
9. Had an important conversation with my parents.
10. Taking a break from starting new quilts to sew some Oliver + S for the girls. Like this one I just received. And I still want to make this.
11. M is really talking. Saying so many words. Repeating everything we say. It's awesome.
12. Jeff and I managed to avoid catching pink eye from the girls.
13. Bro-in-law cooked some killer steaks on the grill.
14. My mom bought me the Our Best Bites cookbook. Eeee!! I've marked about 900 recipes to try. My mom and I fell hard for Brazilian Lemonade. It's so, so, so good.
15. The hubs avoided an accident at work. I'm grateful. I worry all the time about that.
16. An 800 speed film to replace the discontinued 800Z. Woooohooooo! I require 800 (due to that bellows factor).
17. Noticed that piece of paper sitting on the burner BEFORE it ignited into flames.
18. Found out no one (L and M) needs glasses after a visit to the pediatric eye doctor. But M has to be watched.
19. M started barking (croup) but it left just as quickly as it came.
20. Dropped off five rolls of film. Get ready for a quilt reveal. And much more.
21. It was an inspiring week. Visually speaking.
22. My sister is here!
23. Salmon on the grill.

I really loved the olive oil flavor coming through in this dough. (can't believe you can taste it above all the spice in the Pizza Sauce). Yum. Our pizza was ready in 11 Minutes (a little bit under recommended baking time which I had to dig to find in the comments). I was worried about the center of our pizza being undercooked, but it was perfect.

The tops of these get a little crunch that is so good. Such a great contrast to the warm smooshy inside. This recipes makes WAY too much crumble. I really like that this only makes 12 muffins. I do not like leftover muffins. It's fresh only for me.

Had an idea to coat fresh mozarella using the same method as Panko Crusted chicken bites. It was good. Would be awesome on a sandwich. Or with a slice of really good tomato. Try it.

It was good enough. Not permanent rotation material.


  1. I would love to see pictures of your new hair cut and glasses. I'm sure you look great.

    Can't wait to see the new quilts.

    Thanks again for good recipe recommendations. And thanks for recommending Human Planet. I'm going to watch that for sure. Have you seen Planet Earth? It's amazing!

  2. OOOHHH! I have so been wanting to get that recipe book! I have tried that Lemonade before...and it is soo good!!!
    IS L getting glasses? Did they go to the eye dr just for a check up?? Or did you notice something?? Just wondering. :)
    Have fun with S!

  3. Yep, I just got my family reunion dress pattern in the mail! *squeal* I also have the ice cream dress pattern; super easy. I even made the top version for my oldest!