April 24, 2011

The Good Report

1. I heart forsythia. And it's in bloom everywhere I look.
2. Resolved a bill crisis.
3. Major validation came my way from someone I admire.
4. The enlargements for the photo wall look fantastic. (I added wheat and footprints).
5. A neighbor watched L while I went to the grocery store. What a dream! So glad I ran into her at the mailbox.
6. Babysitting all worked out so I could go to the monthly meeting of the f8 group.
7. Best. Meeting. Ever. Best photo group ever. Coolest chics ever.
8. Alisha loaned me her 180mm lens. Oh yeah. Our cameras are best friends.
9. Did not die when the car hydroplaned near our house.
10. A neighbor invited L outside to play one morning. Yes, please.
11. A sister who totally gets it when I suggest we have personal Easter celebrations with our own little families.
12. A fantastic chat with Alisha. I'm so fond of people who make me laugh.
13. Finally made it to the Library. Wow. Now, that's a library. (The children's section was so cool).
14. Photographed a bunch.
15. Loved the people watching.
16. The girls loved exploring.
17. Had some of the most beautiful moments as a family this weekend. I needed that.
18. Stopped to photograph someone's spring blossoms and the woman noticed and told me to take a branch home. What a dream! It's now sitting on my kitchen table.
19. Happy Easter in the form of mini bowls. Mint and seafoam. Ooo, I love color.

I have a hate relationship with sugar cookies. Too much work and they never turn out for me. But when my mom bought me the Cookbook I thought I would give them a try. Totally botched these by melting the butter. I don't know???...I had a brain freeze. And they do NOT bake when you melt the sugar. It was gross. I was really grossed out. The hate relationship continues. Will someone please tell me the secret to fab sugar cookies? They are usually so dry and boring. I will try this one again. In hopes that not melting the butter will make all the difference and I will suddenly love sugar cookies for the first time in my life.
update: made a second batch. they are a great basic cookie. I love that you can decide on a crunchy or soft cookie based on thickness and cooking time.

I also tried the Quick and Easy salsa from their book. It was not good. I adore salsa and have a couple terrific recipes. So this one really didn't do much for me. But I do like that it made such a small batch.

Cooked on our Foreman Grill (which I looooooove). I was so excited to try the spice in this one. I think ground beef needs a little something, you know. But I wasn't blown away. Probably won't make it again although it was good. My favorite part of this recipe was the grilled onions (also cooked on my Forman Grill) and the mozzarella balls inside the burger. Yeah, baby. I'm glad I came across this one because I think it will lead to burger experimentation. Nice.

This was good, but I think next time I'll make it with mushrooms only. Red pepper is a strong flavor and it takes over (not surprising). The hubs and I loooove mushrooms and I want to taste them. Also, I had tons of ricotta mixture leftover and veggies too. Not sure what that was all about. I even reduced the amount of yellow squash by half. So judge accordingly.

Best DIY. Ever. Chandelier here and here. I do believe I'll be making one.
I also want to make a Rorschach for the photo ledge.
Coolest quilt rack. Ever. (I want it in the basement).

P.S. Color Crush quilt revealed tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous week!! WIsh we lived closer.

  2. Just visiting tonight from Australia! Have a blessed week, month, year! All the best with your blog and happy Easter to you and your family


  3. dude. our cameras totally are best friends.

    WAIIIIIT. i thought you said the sugar cookies were good and you ate 48? confused.... :)

  4. I swear by these sugar cookies:

    I've been using this recipe for years and it tastes delicious and is the only sugar cookie recipe I've used where the edges of the cookie actually hold their shape.