April 05, 2011

The Museum {my birthday weekend}

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z

This is the one photo I took of our visit to the BYU MOA. They don't allow photography in their exhibits. One word: LAME. If Boston (with much more copyrighted artwork) allows photography throughout their museum I'm not really getting why the cougs don't. Anyhoo....

I've got a camera that draws a lot of stares/attention. I prefer to fade out from the scene and do my own thing quietly. I could tell by the look on faces people were utterly confused (which happens all. the. time). Double their confusion when I pointed that camera at the front desk. Especially when the rest of the masses were flocking to gigant-o Carl Bloch sign. I can't deny THAT PART brings me great satisfaction. The best photos are rarely the obvious ones peeps. I happen to love this one I took.

Don't you think that girl makes this photo? Wouldn't be the same without her.

So let's talk art.... the reason we went to the MOA was Three Mormon Towns. Love to the tenth degree! The portraits were amazing. I went back to stare at my faves three and four times. Love! Just go. and check out the original layout.

Breezed through their permenant collection which was mostly western landscapes. B to the ORING.

And then there was Carl Bloch. Not the reason for our visit, but certainly not going to miss it. Do not go on a Saturday. I plan on going back in the middle of the day in the middle of the week when I can move freely, at my own pace. I can see how you could have a moment with this one. Those paintings are stunning in real life. Especially compared to the reproductions we have all grown up with. (Ensign covers, poster prints....bleh). They are so full of light. Just awesome. And the exhibit is put together so beautifully. Unfortunately, it was just too crowded. I don't do well with crowds. Nightmare.


  1. So...three mormon towns, what are the faves? I've been a few times and curious to see what caught your eye.

  2. Trav,
    Woman standing in the kitchen
    Old woman on her porch
    The man with the face totally in the shadows.

  3. and the little girl behind the screen door
    pregnant woman in polka dot dress

    I wish I could find them online.

  4. I have been wanting to go!! To see both Three Mormon Towns and Carl Bloch. Sounds like it's fantastic!

  5. Yes, that girl makes the photo. Love it!!