May 01, 2011

The Good Report

Uh, this week was not so great. But I dug deep and came up with a few lovelies.

1. The hubs was able to be home on the day(s) I got a migraine. So, so, so grateful for that.
2. The neighbors were able to save the day and watch the girls in the spur of the moment when Jeff took me to the ER for migraine #2. That's right, two migraines this week. Shoot me.
3. A surprise arrived in the mail from my sister-in-law. Matching aprons for all of us. So cool.
4. Outside play with another neighbor. That is one of my favorite things. It's so good for L and M.
5. Some more sweet family moments over the weekend. I'm deeply smitten these days.
6. I also convinced/asked my sister-in-law to do a creative trade. I make a quilt for her and she makes us an original work of art to add to the photo ledge. I'm excited. Her quilt is already in my brain. Just need to start cutting.

I've taken a liking to these frames with rounded corners.
DIY microwave popcorn. I want to try!
I love this house.

The hubs was a huge fan of this sandwich. (I used flounder). My guess is it's all that Old Bay reminding him of his East Coast roots.


  1. Two migraines and an ER trip - that's a hard week! I do hope everything turned out ok.

  2. I hope this week goes better for you and that the migraines stay away.

  3. I only just began looking to blogs for inspiration and yes, to find that "kindred spirited-ness" that improves my attitude and my life. Your blog was quickly bookmarked to be lovingly placed in "Leah's Favorites" folder. Thank you for sharing your personal "style" of encouragement. It is truly lovely... and fun!

    My youngest daughter and I RAN to try the DYI microwave popcorn with HUGE success! Thank you! and Hurray!

    (I am an almost 46-year-old wife and mom residing in MS.)