May 16, 2011

The Good Report

1. Watched Objectified. Very interesting.
2. Got a few new clothing items. (our entire family is in desperate need of summer clothes)
3. Got to shop for that clothing ALONE.
4. Wow, my tastes are changing. Chalk me up to the super casual, but "there's NO WAY I just rolled out of bed" vibe.
5. Flats are my best friend. Especially on sale.
my faves:
here super comfy
here super pretty
here wore all day running errands including long grocery store trip without them hurting.
6. Whitened my teeth again after years (due to babies) and experienced no sensitivity. I'm shocked.
7. Beautiful sunset from airplane window.
8. My bag didn't make it on the right flight, but came just a couple hours later.
9. And I got a $150 voucher for it.
10. Went to the Winter Quarter's Temple with my parents and sis. It's been years. Beautiful.
11. Omaha's Forever 21 had my $10 skinny jeans in stock. Woot, woot!
12. Roaming the Old Market with my niece (and my camera). Followed by a great dinner with family.
13. 3 AM chat with high school pals I haven't seen in years.
14. So excited about some photos I did on the trip.
15. Being there for life moments makes me really happy.
16. I rocked a high school graduation with my camera.
17. Hanging out with teenagers is a blast. And makes me feel young again.
18. Late night laughter is the best.
19. Hanging out with my sister (minus kids) was a luxury.
20. The hubs taking care of it all (our puking L) while I was gone.
21. It was all well worth the trip coma I am now experiencing.

Homemade three muskateers. What??? That's amazing.
Partay! with some ruffled streamers. Cute.

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  1. So glad you had a good time. And those ruffled streamers? I totally bookmarked them last week. I think they'll go perfectly with Liv's Dora party... ya know, on the Mexican/fiesta theme without screaming DORA!
    AND... let's plan a BBQ (maybe this weekend?). I'm buying a red-checkered table cloth this week. I'm so ready for some summer fun. Can't wait.