May 29, 2011

The Good Report

1. L played at the neighbor's while I ran a bunch of errands. It's so much easier with just M.
2. A nice email from a friend. Relationships are important. I believe they are THE most important. I'm working on some.
3. This week L stayed in her bed more nights than she slept on our floor. So many nights of uninterrupted sleep this week! This is a gift from above. So grateful.
4. The sun. Glorious sun!
5. Dumped an entire batch of salsa all over the fridge and kitchen floor, but the hubs did all the cleaning up for me.
6. The hubs sold one of his motorcycles.
7. I scored much needed summer tees for the girls at Old Navy's extra 50% off clearance.
8. My sister gave us a bunch of firewood. (Holy smokes what was I thinking about getting a fire pit? the price of firewood is ree-dick-you-luss!)
9. My sister took L for an afternoon. (running around her kid packed neighborhood).
10. Bria brought L back to us later that day.
11. Which meant the hubs and I also went on a date.
12. I love meals other people cook for me.
13. Margarita pizza and steak pasta in rosa sauce = one of THE BEST meals I've ever eaten. The steak was incredible.
14. I even got a second pizza to eat for lunch the following day.
15. A long weekend.
16. Campfire with the f8 group.

Penne A la Betsy
Um, this is a big yes. So good. I substituted lump crab meat from Costco (instead of shrimp). I like, I like, I like.

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  1. I saw the Pioneer Womans cookbook at Target. I didn't buy it but it's a beautiful book. Very inspiring. Makes me want to become a farm girl and cook my heart out. Tiff