May 03, 2011

Kitchen still life

The light is always beautiful in this corner of our home, but mostly I wanted to show you my new dishtowel. I like to switch out the color every once in a while. In our next place I am going to display my dish towel collection. {It will replace the plates}. But that all depends on the wall space too. Anyhoo, I have gathered quite a few that I adore.

dish towel from West Elm. (no longer available)
but here are some other lovely linens

P.S. my dream life exists on the pages of the West Elm Catalog.
Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. I love that dishtowel! I would love to know what paint you used on the walls, I am looking for that color for our nursery!


  2. Leah, I will look into it. I feel like I wrote it down somewhere.

  3. Can you share the paint color with me? Thanks!