June 29, 2011

There are no words

me and one of my favorites.

photo by one of my other favorites.

Best party I've ever been to. No question.

Don't be jealous of my headpiece. Even though it WAS totally awesome.

The stranger project

June 28, 2011

June 26, 2011

For little lovelies

I'm kind of dying over these latest new arrivals for toddler girls. Ack!

The Good Report

1. THE BEST Father's Day meal. Steak & homemade crab cakes (made by Jeff). Wow.
2. Progress on our unruly garage. (The curse of my existence. My nemesis).
3. Staying up past bedtime and letting L play with all the neighbor kids. On a Tuesday night.
4. Library and park day still rules.
5. Free tees and prints and the FIND lab party.
6. Crazy 8 is my new go-to for kid clothes. Cuter than Old Navy, just as cheap sale prices.
7. The girls were a dream on a marathon errand day. No fighting or tantrums. Obedient to every request. Wow.
8. Saturday afternoon swimming.
9. Garden party baby shower. enough said.
10. Ok, NOT enough said. ..... summer nights just really do it for me. I love them! Plus, no kids. But husbands were there. Woot, woo! hats on parade, string lights, and visual beauty in ample supply. Some of my favorite ladies. And I got to wear feathers in my hair. Can't wait to show you the pics.
11. I needed that.

we need some job charts

June 20, 2011

In an instant

taken at our f8 meeting last week
glorious 4 x 5 polaroid by Alisha. Mmmmm....

see more of my f8 peeps.
or get your own portrait at the SLC Farmer's Market July 16.
(planning on these being our family portrait this year).

June 19, 2011

Here's to dads

Me, my Dad, and little bro

Anyone else think that looks a lot like L?

The Good Report

1. I heart the library. Mother Goose time for L. Followed by the park.
2. Summer nights are soooooooo fantastic. I really dig it.
3. So are basil, chives, and tomato plants from the bro-in-law. Ack, I can hardly stand it!
4. A play day with my sister and Co.
5. My sister's back yard is nearing Eden.
7. Our fire pit group was tiny this weekend. But it doesn't matter. {And the sprinklers never got us}.
8. Saturday morning date with the hubs: X-Men: First Class Totally fab.
9. Then swimming at the pool as a family.
10. I was prepared for battle, but L and M wore their life jackets without tantrums.
11. L didn't want to leave despite the way-too-cold-to-swim weather. And M was content to sit on my lap and munch pretzels.
12. Kind of excited about the film I dropped off at the lab yesterday. Trying to think poetically.

We ate this as a meal after swimming at the pool all night. It was great. Tangy, salty, pasta-y goodness. I added 2 tsp sugar (per reader reviews/recommendations). I'm always glad when the hubs digs a dish that is not meat infused. And I used as much as I could (some was ready) of that fresh basil from bro-in-law. Wowza. THAT is good.

Good. Tender. Easy. Made the house smell amazing. But I prefer these.

I'm thinking this would be great for Sundays.

June 17, 2011

A Sunday

at a park near our house.....

I might have a thing for trees right now.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 160C

June 13, 2011

Seeing the every day

When I was starting out, I kept thinking I was supposed to go to New Guinea or some far-off place to make pictures that count, but then I decided I was going to walk out the door and play like I'd come from Mars or China and had never seen this landscape. That's when my work really became my work.

Keith Carter

Oh, how I love this. I just spent an evening listening to him talk about specific pieces. Love!

Creativity killer

You know it!

(which I really love to cruise)


I could rock this all kinds of ways.

June 12, 2011

The Good Report

1. Internet silence = that was nice.
2. The hubs referred to my new haircut as "modern Julie Andrews". I think I can live with that.
3. Grateful for poison control. M sprayed carpet cleaner in her eye. Luckily, it was 90% water and just a smidge of alcohol (that's the dangerous part).
4. 70 degrees in June? I love it!
5. My mom got on the internet! I repeat: My mom got on the internet. And looked at my blog. Next up: email. (I'm so proud).
6. The dermatologist cleaned up all the beginning signs of "old" on my face.
7. And informed me a MUST now buy expensive earrings (real gold, sterling silver, etc) due to a new nickel allergy (thanks to my age again). Alright, twist my arm.
8. Hiring a local babysitter while I grocery shop = best idea the hubs has ever had = worth every penny = I might just stay sane after all = I think I shall hire for more selfish reasons like going to a movie in the middle of the day. by myself.
9. Got some good laughs while watching Just go with it.
10. Can. not. wait.
11. The hubs got me a potato ricer. Um, I'm smitten. That thing is awesome for mashed potatoes.

P.S. I'm going through fire pit withdrawals. no late night chatting this weekend. boo.

Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce
It was good enough. Probably TONS better when you don't use bottled pesto. I had it. So I used it. I'm guessing pesto made from scratch from your garden grown produce is FAB. There was a dish at Ottavio's I crave. Pesto Ravioli. I was hoping this would taste similar. It didn't. So boo.
This dish needs the tomato. Both for color and to balance the heavy sauce.

Love it! We spent the afternoon in the sun so I was not in the mood for a hot meal. So I skipped the english muffin part (and next time the sweet pickles....bleh!) and turned this into a lettuce wrap. Oh girl! Yum. I totally dig all those veggies. Yes, yes, and yes. Just wrapped all of it up in a giant leaf of red leaf lettuce. Make it. And P.S. I'm a tuna snob. It's albacore only around here peeps. You cannot go back. I think this needs 1 TBS of dijon. Two is a lot for one can of tuna.
This one even passed the man test. Which is unbelievable considering he does not get excited about salad-esque-y things.
I love me some summer eats. I want to eat produce all summer. For every meal.

Oh yeah, baby! I love me some blue cheese. Yum.

Chicken fried steak
The steak was super tender so I loved that. But I had to cook it much longer than recommended and it was still rare-ish. This is some serious country comfort, but super bland (disappointing). I salted the heck out of the gravy which brought it back from the brink of disgusting.

I hope the girls will say things like this about me. Just beautiful.
I want a yellow door.
Why can't I go to Barbados? Waaaaaaaa.

June 10, 2011

Now, that's a dress!

I want to own it. I'll wear it while doing laundry, grocery shopping, changing diapers...
I'll wear it every second of every day.

Kate's dress is a show stopper too.

P.S. I have high hopes for this weekend. Including photographing a stranger(s)

Wait for it

June 05, 2011

The Good Report

1. Pirates! Loved it.
2. Sunny, sunny, sun.
3. L is still staying in her bed all night. More nights than not.
4. And sleeping in until 9 AM. So am I! woooo!
5. Neighborhood BBQ.
6. there were RIBS!
7. and Late night chatting around the fire pit.
8. and then there were leftover ribs. Mmmmm.
9. L and M's stomach bug (again) left in time for the weekend.
10. Hair cut. I gave up on a growing a shoulder skimming length and went short for the summer.

Oh yeah, this is a keeper. Super easy and great flavor. I love a good sandwich. No surprise the hubs totally digs it. I do believe his exact words were, "highly fabulous". My favorite part: toasted buns. I thought about skipping that part. Glad I didn't. That buttery crunch is to die for.

I've always had a thing for the peppermint patty. So I thought this combo would be fab. But honestly, this was disappointing. I didn't really like it and won't be making them again. Because if I'm going to make something with disgusting amounts of butter and sugar it better taste a lot like this.

Definitely good. But it didn't blow my mind. The hubs liked this one way more than I did. I'm a little unsure about the honey part. I like my savory to be savory and my sweet to be sweet. This had just the right amount of sauce though. I'm opposed to soggy enchiladas drenched in oceans of goop. So this was right on. I replaced the corn tortillas with flour. Because they hold their shape so much better than corn (which disintegrates).

A beautiful post about trusting yourself. Knowing yourself. Being yourself. In the creative sense.
Been cruising this recipe blog for newbies. and this one. and the recipe club.

June 04, 2011

This is summer

Seriously love.

That final shot of the lid coming off the grill. And the smoke....beautiful.
I'm inspired.

June 03, 2011

More stripes

I really need to get going on my summer skirts.

June 02, 2011

What did you say?

You must have something to "say". You must be brutally honest with yourself about this. Think about history , politics, science, literature, music, film, and anthropology. What affects does one discipline have over another? What makes "man" tick? Today , with everyone being able to easily make technically perfect photographs with a cell phone, you need to be an "author". It is all about authorship, authorship and authorship. Many young photographers come to me and tell me their motivation for being a photographer is to "travel the world" or to "make a name" for themselves. Wrong answers in my opinion. Those are collateral incidentals or perhaps even the disadvantages of being a photographer.
Without having tangible ideas , thoughts, feelings, and something almost "literary" to contribute to "the discussion", today's photographer will become lost in the sea of mediocrity. Photography is now clearly a language. As with any language, knowing how to spell and write a gramatically correct "sentence" is , of course, necessary. But, more importantly, today's emerging photographers now must be "visual wordsmiths" with either a clear didactic or an esoteric imperitive. Be a poet, not a technical "writer". Perhaps more simply put, find a heartfelt personal project. Give yourself the "assignment" you might dream someone would give you. Please remember, you and only you will control your destiny. Believe it, know it, say it.

-David Alan Harvey
{I added the emphasis}

For now, this is what I want my photos to say:

My life is ordinary, but there is beauty.

Actually, I'm probably trying to convince everyone (and myself) that there is beauty in a domestic life.
Hmm....I'm thinking, thinking, thinking......

Be a poet.

quote from Trav's Blog.

On a side note, let it be known:
I DO NOT AGREE that everyone is able to make a technically perfect photo with a cell phone. What the what????

Black and white stripes

Bria's grad party

I only planned on snapping a few frames. I didn't think I would see anything.
I love it when this happens instead:

{Letters from HERE}

Bria is our babysitter

{I never photograph in this type of light. Not sure how I feel about it. Need to learn how to master it a bit I suppose.} But K.... I know how I feel about her. She saved the day and made my life really easy by entertaining M the entire time. Now M doesn't stop saying her name.

Oh, how I love this watermelon face

For some reason this feels like one of my childhood memories (even though we never had a trampoline). I love it.

Yep. Still obsessed with the "through" challenge

{L loves to hang out with older girls.
She follows them around....AND inserts herself into their photos}

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z and Fuji 160C (my first time using the now discontinued film)

June 01, 2011

Window Seat

I get this look a lot

L, Age 3

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z