June 02, 2011

Bria's grad party

I only planned on snapping a few frames. I didn't think I would see anything.
I love it when this happens instead:

{Letters from HERE}

Bria is our babysitter

{I never photograph in this type of light. Not sure how I feel about it. Need to learn how to master it a bit I suppose.} But K.... I know how I feel about her. She saved the day and made my life really easy by entertaining M the entire time. Now M doesn't stop saying her name.

Oh, how I love this watermelon face

For some reason this feels like one of my childhood memories (even though we never had a trampoline). I love it.

Yep. Still obsessed with the "through" challenge

{L loves to hang out with older girls.
She follows them around....AND inserts herself into their photos}

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z and Fuji 160C (my first time using the now discontinued film)

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