June 05, 2011

The Good Report

1. Pirates! Loved it.
2. Sunny, sunny, sun.
3. L is still staying in her bed all night. More nights than not.
4. And sleeping in until 9 AM. So am I! woooo!
5. Neighborhood BBQ.
6. there were RIBS!
7. and Late night chatting around the fire pit.
8. and then there were leftover ribs. Mmmmm.
9. L and M's stomach bug (again) left in time for the weekend.
10. Hair cut. I gave up on a growing a shoulder skimming length and went short for the summer.

Oh yeah, this is a keeper. Super easy and great flavor. I love a good sandwich. No surprise the hubs totally digs it. I do believe his exact words were, "highly fabulous". My favorite part: toasted buns. I thought about skipping that part. Glad I didn't. That buttery crunch is to die for.

I've always had a thing for the peppermint patty. So I thought this combo would be fab. But honestly, this was disappointing. I didn't really like it and won't be making them again. Because if I'm going to make something with disgusting amounts of butter and sugar it better taste a lot like this.

Definitely good. But it didn't blow my mind. The hubs liked this one way more than I did. I'm a little unsure about the honey part. I like my savory to be savory and my sweet to be sweet. This had just the right amount of sauce though. I'm opposed to soggy enchiladas drenched in oceans of goop. So this was right on. I replaced the corn tortillas with flour. Because they hold their shape so much better than corn (which disintegrates).

A beautiful post about trusting yourself. Knowing yourself. Being yourself. In the creative sense.
Been cruising this recipe blog for newbies. and this one. and the recipe club.


  1. seriously love the cut. good call.

  2. I'm glad you liked Pirates!