June 12, 2011

The Good Report

1. Internet silence = that was nice.
2. The hubs referred to my new haircut as "modern Julie Andrews". I think I can live with that.
3. Grateful for poison control. M sprayed carpet cleaner in her eye. Luckily, it was 90% water and just a smidge of alcohol (that's the dangerous part).
4. 70 degrees in June? I love it!
5. My mom got on the internet! I repeat: My mom got on the internet. And looked at my blog. Next up: email. (I'm so proud).
6. The dermatologist cleaned up all the beginning signs of "old" on my face.
7. And informed me a MUST now buy expensive earrings (real gold, sterling silver, etc) due to a new nickel allergy (thanks to my age again). Alright, twist my arm.
8. Hiring a local babysitter while I grocery shop = best idea the hubs has ever had = worth every penny = I might just stay sane after all = I think I shall hire for more selfish reasons like going to a movie in the middle of the day. by myself.
9. Got some good laughs while watching Just go with it.
10. Can. not. wait.
11. The hubs got me a potato ricer. Um, I'm smitten. That thing is awesome for mashed potatoes.

P.S. I'm going through fire pit withdrawals. no late night chatting this weekend. boo.

Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce
It was good enough. Probably TONS better when you don't use bottled pesto. I had it. So I used it. I'm guessing pesto made from scratch from your garden grown produce is FAB. There was a dish at Ottavio's I crave. Pesto Ravioli. I was hoping this would taste similar. It didn't. So boo.
This dish needs the tomato. Both for color and to balance the heavy sauce.

Love it! We spent the afternoon in the sun so I was not in the mood for a hot meal. So I skipped the english muffin part (and next time the sweet pickles....bleh!) and turned this into a lettuce wrap. Oh girl! Yum. I totally dig all those veggies. Yes, yes, and yes. Just wrapped all of it up in a giant leaf of red leaf lettuce. Make it. And P.S. I'm a tuna snob. It's albacore only around here peeps. You cannot go back. I think this needs 1 TBS of dijon. Two is a lot for one can of tuna.
This one even passed the man test. Which is unbelievable considering he does not get excited about salad-esque-y things.
I love me some summer eats. I want to eat produce all summer. For every meal.

Oh yeah, baby! I love me some blue cheese. Yum.

Chicken fried steak
The steak was super tender so I loved that. But I had to cook it much longer than recommended and it was still rare-ish. This is some serious country comfort, but super bland (disappointing). I salted the heck out of the gravy which brought it back from the brink of disgusting.

I hope the girls will say things like this about me. Just beautiful.
I want a yellow door.
Why can't I go to Barbados? Waaaaaaaa.

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  1. I'm a total Tuna snob, too, lol. The other stuff is too...um... dark and fibery. I loved tuna as a kid, but as an adult I couldn't really like it. Then I realized I'd been missing out on Albacore, lol. Love it.

    And, I'll be gone this Friday again. Tyler's fam is going down to Delta somewhere to hike some cave. I'm braving it with the kids while he's at scout camp.

    BUT, I'll be back the next week (like the 24th or whatever date it is) and we can resume our Friday night par-tay around the campfire, if you're up for it.