June 19, 2011

The Good Report

1. I heart the library. Mother Goose time for L. Followed by the park.
2. Summer nights are soooooooo fantastic. I really dig it.
3. So are basil, chives, and tomato plants from the bro-in-law. Ack, I can hardly stand it!
4. A play day with my sister and Co.
5. My sister's back yard is nearing Eden.
7. Our fire pit group was tiny this weekend. But it doesn't matter. {And the sprinklers never got us}.
8. Saturday morning date with the hubs: X-Men: First Class Totally fab.
9. Then swimming at the pool as a family.
10. I was prepared for battle, but L and M wore their life jackets without tantrums.
11. L didn't want to leave despite the way-too-cold-to-swim weather. And M was content to sit on my lap and munch pretzels.
12. Kind of excited about the film I dropped off at the lab yesterday. Trying to think poetically.

We ate this as a meal after swimming at the pool all night. It was great. Tangy, salty, pasta-y goodness. I added 2 tsp sugar (per reader reviews/recommendations). I'm always glad when the hubs digs a dish that is not meat infused. And I used as much as I could (some was ready) of that fresh basil from bro-in-law. Wowza. THAT is good.

Good. Tender. Easy. Made the house smell amazing. But I prefer these.

I'm thinking this would be great for Sundays.

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